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Resort News:

Check here for any news about the resort.  New projects happening around the resort and special hours.

You can find our posted holidays/deposits here:

Holiday hours


May 25th - Aug 8th


 Spring Freshen up 
(click the picture for more info on our luxury spa add ons)


New Luxurious Boujee Mani/Pedi:


*Deep cleaning Paw Fizz soak with tea tree oil
*Guava Hydrating Butter Balm with paw massage
*Grapeseed Oil Paw Revitalizing finishing spray
*Nail grinding

(add pawdicure color for  just $15) 





This problem-solving game features sliding pieces and nooks where we can hide small treats or kibble, providing an interactive puzzle for your pup to solve, keeping them engaged and amused.  


Customer Portal:

Make sure to log in to our new customer portal!  This allows you to access your pet's profile, upload photos and vaccine records, make boarding reservations and spa appointments, and so much more!

If you have booked with us before, you already have an account in the new system.
You'll just need to reset your password.
Call or text us if you have any issues, and we are help

See step - by - step established customer first time log in instructions.

Click on the picture to link to the new portalClick on the picture to link to the new portal


New resort projects:

We are beginning construction on additional park runs for the resort.  More fun and games for our guest during their stays in our new spacious and anti-climb park runs.


We are closed to the public on all Tuesdays.  You can find our holiday or special hours by clicking on the picture below:



Welcome to the resort where you can relax under the palm fronds and enjoy the scenery! We got new front doors and are making some changes to our lobby!  Check out our beach vibes with our new doors and lobby décor!


Dog Accommodations:

Standard Run - 4'x7' inside 4'x16' outside
Family Run - 6'x7' inside 6'x16' outside
Small Runs - 3'x6' inside 3'x6' outside
All indoor/outdoor runs are covered
Our big canine living areas boast cheerful colors, soothing music and a big screen tv that keeps your fur kid entertained 24/7. A feeling of spaciousness is enhanced by 16 foot ceilings. Casablanca fans and ceramic tile floors complete the picture to provide a more home-like atmosphere. Plenty of windows high above allow natural sunlight to stream in.  Family size suites are also available. We encourage our guests to bring personal items from home such as toys, treats, or a lap sized blanket. For smaller canines we offer an area that is a bit more secluded. Though these rooms are slightly smaller they do provide a more sedate atmosphere.

Accommodation assignment is left the the discretion of our highly qualified and experienced staff.  We can not guarantee a specific run for your pet, especially during high volume times.  All puppers will have a size appropriate indoor/outdoor accommodation.


Too much fun during Boarding
We recommend all fur kids to have a spa service in our Salon before pick up.  Most fur kids have so much fun, but can get a little dirty during boarding.  Our accommodations are all tile or coated concreate flooring so they an easily be cleaned and kept sanitary.  Some fur babies will walk through urine or poop in-between cleaning times (4 to 5 times each day all our accommodations are cleaned) If you want to come home to a fresh and clean pet, all ready for some snuggle time, please book a bath or haircut/bath appointment before their departure. 




Cat Accommodations:

(a few runs feature a room with a view, these are limited availability)
3' x 6' x 6'

Our feline living areas provide a full 18 square feet of floor space for each guest in their very own suite.This spacious area is actually large enough for you to walk into and tuck in your special friend. Casablanca fans along with soothing music make our guests feel safe and secure. Beautiful soothing colors and elevated cot beds provide the perfect home away from home for your feline friend.

Accommodation assignment is left the the discretion of our highly qualified and experienced staff.  We can not guarantee a specific run for your pet, especially during high volume times.  All kitties will have a size appropriate accommodation.

Rates for Resort Boarding:


  1st pet                  

2nd pet in the same run

3rd pet in the same run 

(if run will accommodate)


$30 $28.50 per pet $27.33 per pet


$30 $28.50 per pet $27.33 per pet


$30 and up depending on size    Pocket pet $20 and up depending on pet

We would love for you to follow us on Social Media & join in the fun of all our Fur Kid adventures!



Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 9am - 5:45pm
(Closed weekday Noon - 2pm & All Tuesdays)

 Saturday 9am - 3:45pm

Sunday 6pm - 6:45pm

Holiday hours may vary.  Any drop offs or pick ups that occur after closing will incur a $5 per min charge.